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Urethane Questions and Answers

Urethane is an extremely versatile material. Learn more about how urethane can meet your needs in these answers to frequently asked questions about urethane.

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Q. How long do urethane parts last?
A. A long, long time. Urethanes are naturally resistant to abrasion. Urethane is an excellent material to use in any high wear situation.
Q. Can you make my urethane part a specific color?
A. Yes, your urethane color options are almost limitless. We can produce your urethane part in safety colors, it can be color-coded to your specifications, or we can match a color you already use.
Q. Are urethane parts chemical and oil resistant?
A. Yes, urethane is very resistant to oil and most chemicals.
Q. Can you make a urethane part as big or as small
as I need?
A. Yes. We can make urethane parts just about any size you require, from less than an inch to nearly 10 feet x 20 feet. Our urethane curing ovens range in size from 24 inches x 24 inches to 20 feet by 10 feet by 8 feet. Our processes make it cost effective for us to manufacture small and large runs of parts.
Q. Can you make a urethane part a certain hardness or softness?
A. We certainly can. The hardness or softness of non-metallic materials is called durometer. We can match the durometer of a part you need replicated or recommend a durometer for a custom part. We also manufacture dual durometer parts – parts with urethane of two different hardnesses.
Q. Can you make a dual durometer urethane part?
A. Absolutely. We've manufactured many dual durometer urethane parts for our customers.
Q. Can you bond urethane to metal?
A. Yes, very successfully. We use a special adhesive specifically created for bonding urethane to metal. Using this process we can create high wear urethane parts for an even greater range of applications. One example is urethane coated metal mesh flaps for an industrial wood chipper to control flying shards of wood. The sharp wood shards would penetrate urethane alone (and soon rip the flaps to shreds) but the sharp shards simply fall off the urethane-coated metal mesh flaps. We can also bond urethane to fabric.
Q. How much heat can urethane parts withstand?
A. We can produce urethane parts that will withstand temperatures from extremely cold to over 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
Q. Can you make a mold from my prototype?
A. Yes, just ship or bring in your prototype and we can make a silicone mold from it. We can also make a mold from an existing part or obsolete part you need duplicated, including OEM parts. And, we can make your prototype and first article parts.

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With the old urethane removed, new urethane can be cast onto the part for significant savings over buying new parts or new cores.

We can produce urethane parts that will withstand temperatures from extremely cold to over 300 degrees Fahrenheit...

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