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Urethane Products

Save Time and Money with Urethane Products Designed to Your Specifications
Each urethane part is custom, hand-cast to your specifications according to the functionality and conditions it will be exposed to. Parts are cast to tight tolerances so they are ready for immediate use. You save the time and save the cost of machining, plus you eliminate the cost of overbuilding to allow for machining.

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Get Exactly What You Need
Whether you have a one-of-a-kind project or high-volume parts, our equipment enables you to get just what you need.

  • In-house custom-molding expertise keep your parts on schedule
  • Prototypes and first article parts produced affordably
  • Small ovens (24 inches x 24 inches) and huge ovens (10 feet wide by 20 feet long by 8 feet tall) give us impressive capabilities at competitive prices
  • Replacements for OEM and obsolete parts can be created from an existing part. We've saved many companies thousands of dollars by replacing a worn out part for a work-horse piece of equipment.

Tired of getting the run-around from the big shops? Show us your challenge, and chances are we can help you come up with a cost effective solution. Whether you have dimensional drawings, a worn-out part, or just an idea, we can design and produce what you need. We can even assist in the design process.

Save Time and Money with Custom Urethane Parts
Call 253-539-4282 now to speak with a urethane expert about your needs. We'd like to help you with a cost effective solution.

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