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Inventors & Product Developers

Get Your Invention to Market Faster at Lower Costs
Now you can get your product or invention to market even if it's still in the design phase or simply a rough idea. Urethane is a versatile material, perfect for creating your masters, molds, prototypes and first article parts. We can help you avoid high tooling costs by using silicone, urethane and other cost effective materials to create your molds, prototypes and first article parts.

Our urethane technicians are specialists in creating technical parts and multi-part molds.

See your idea come to life.

  • Prototypes to further your product development.
  • First article parts to generate interest, secure investors and secure product placement.
  • Masters and molds to begin production

We Enjoy Working with Inventors
We've worked with many inventors and product developers and will help make the process of getting your product to market easier. We understand your unique needs and will make the process easy, produce your products cost-effectively, and complete them on schedule.

Design Recommendations
That Can Save You Time and Money

Our molds, prototypes and first article parts experts are ready to work in collaboration with you, not just take an order. We help you think through the process, including what aspects of the design might affect manufacturing. We are often able to make design recommendations that can help you save development or production costs while preserving your products functionality and design.

Read About a Few of Our Satisfied Customers

  • A company contacted us to produce microchips for sonar devices so fish could be tracked from up to one mile away. Using urethane, we were able develop the product they needed.

  • Another customer needed housing to cover a pair of switches, but he didn't have a plan or a drawing. Urethane Cast Parts' President/CEO Joe Schramm hand-sculpted a suitable mold for the customer to create the exact part he needed.

  • A company came to us with a toggle switch that needed to be added to a control panel in an industrial application. With Joe Schramm's industry knowledge, he was able to design an easy to-operate-switch that included important safety features.

  • Another project that took full advantage of urethane's unique qualities was an industrial light especially designed for harsh environments. We produced the light's housing out of urethane so it could stand up to wet, salty marine conditions without rusting. And when vehicles inadvertently run over the light housing, urethane's natural rebounding quality allows it to bounce back into shape. The urethane formula was designed with a durometer rigid enough to securely hold a light bulb yet flexible enough to withstand being crushed.

Learn How A Creative, "Can Do" Shop
Can Help Bring Your Vision to Reality

Call 253-539-4282 now for a phone consultation and quote. See your dream unfold before your eyes with urethane's incredible applications and our experience in helping inventors and product developers.

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Prototype and product:
Urethane high-wear, four-position, double-switch casing.

Producing your products cost-effectively, and completing them on schedule...

Urethane is Perfect for Molds,
Prototypes and First Article Parts
  • Bonds to metal and neoprene
  • Can be molded over other materials
    such as rubber, metal, neoprene
  • Can be formed into complex shapes
  • Easy to shape
  • Flexible
  • Impact absorbent
  • Inexpensive to mold
  • Provides protection for other components
  • Reduced wear over non-urethane parts
  • Removable

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