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Sand & Gravel Industry Products

Extend the Life of Your Equipment with Urethane
When you work with sand and gravel, you need products that stand up to high wear and that dampen noise. Urethanes excellent abrasion resistance reduces wear and noise while extending the life of parts and equipment. Urethanes outwear metals, plastics, and other rubbers often by an 8 to 1 margin or better.

Urethanes Natural Properties Make it a Perfect Fit for Sand and Gravel Industry Applications

  • High wear urethane helps equipment last longer.
  • Reduces replacement costs.
  • Save money by refurbishing or reconditioning parts.
  • Urethane is more affordable than many materials.
  • Minimal tooling costs to produce or refurbish parts.
  • Noise dampening.
  • Safety colors, color matching, color coding.
  • Temperature resistant - extremely cold and extremely hot.
  • Vibration dampening and vibration isolation.

Put Urethane's Resistance to Abrasion and Noise
To Work for You

For a free phone consultation and quote, call 253-539-4282. Discover how to extend the life of your equipment by protecting it from wear with cost-effective urethane. Your employees will appreciate urethanes natural noise and vibration dampening qualities, too.








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Extend the life of your equipment by protecting it with high wear, cost-effective urethane.

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